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So Whatchu Sayin'

by Tree of Lyfe

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released January 14, 2012

Yahweh, Yeshua



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Tree of Lyfe Los Angeles, California

Tree of Lyfe, an introspective poet from a lost tribe, draws inspiration from the music he creates. Attracted to music & art at an early age, he developed a style inspired by anime. Visualizing life as a storyboard, he combines hip-hop soul with his art through a collective abbreviated "BSD" (Brilliance Stays Driven). BSD was created to merge every aspect of his creativity into one outlet. ... more

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Track Name: BSD State of Mind
I'm not lyin
man I live in this shhhh
Got a brutha nearly dyin'
tryna live in this shhhh
My words
turn into pictures of passion
Picture me rappin'...
(uh yea)
In a paradisaic fashion
Wit no distractions
to reach the heavens above me
On this
Planet I'm famished
All they want is my money
Somedays I rhyme cuz I'm weak
Somedays I rhyme cuz I'm strong
Sometimes I rhyme for some peace
At times I rhyme to move on
Been bright
most of our life
but been known to shine on a song
Da type of state of mind
where I'm constantly statin' mines
Visually, intermittenly
Individually, physically
Mentally my epiphanies
Riddle me like the mysteries
of man
Check my symphony
Ha, religiously
& right na ya boy is Bob Marley fly
Nasty Nas illy
Yo Detroit vibe wit me
I rather watch you live
why you tryna die wit me?
I rather leave this Earth
& see you in the sky wit me
This woman got my rib
she seein' eye to eye wit me
She a rather be the truth
then to tell a lie to me haaa
It's yours truly
from a City called Inktown
use to watch my Uncle,
like why can't he put his drink down?
Reachin' for this Henny
could this possibly be me now?

Aye yo that line just made me think how
what you grow up seein
can become you to the T now
Slavin' for this wage of mine
feelin' like a waste of time
swear I use to love ta grind
hard to love these women na
Moved to Hollywood
& I swear that I really hate the times
Million differences of opinions
like it ain't vivid
This is just a prison
for the souls rotting in it
Not concerned about our future
No knowledge of our beginning
Somebody prolly thinkin'
You should dumb down nigga
Don't kick it wit stupid people
So who dumb now nigga?
My mind's a mix
of what father taught me
He put that armor on me
I got my mama's faith
plus her amazing grace...
Track Name: Bruce Stevens ft Phazzeone - Bloody Samurai Flow
Bruce Stevens:

Yea, uh huh yea huh yea uhh
I use to rock an afro
wit da soul of a Samurai
Pop taught me if I live right
That I would never die
Why be born into flesh
to rise in heavens skies?
Faith ain't, based of fear
why is you petrified?
Where I live, If you get money
then you get glorified

"Cuz while you're entertained
You allow me in your brain"

Tongue is a sword
what you hear
can drive you insane
Peep da vision
I don't care if you listen
I am Bruce Stevens
that's a honest description
What I'm drawin' is ART
hope you see tha depiction
melodies medication
dedications prescription
This is Yahweh creation,
Yeshua's Conformation,
Justa Manifestation
up in Babylon's nation.
Take a glance in my eye
You can see what im facin'
While dey follow da wind
that'll never be what i'm chasin'.
God exists in ya heart?
God been here from the start!
A King when I dream
Malcolm throughout my thoughts
Solomon when I talk,
Noah buildin' the Ark.
Summer touchin the Winter
A sinner writin' for Sinners..
I love my life,
Including times that I ain't enjoy
If my spirit breaks
at my job
Then I'm unemployed
Watch the Throne
No Bonus Tracks
You'll find the joy


Never had thoughts of committing suicide
Always felt a strong bond wit God
and where he coincides
You can take a look in my life
and see this man arise
Spread love to those
who even try to plan my own demise
For what tho?
Im just tryna make the truth relevant
Not the one you always here
but the one with the evidence
Bad broad buffered me
but she said she was celibate
Lies money and sex
Is all so scandalous
We think we know it all
but we don't
I'm only human
But I
feel a greater connection
Dreams and streams of wealth
on higher planes of consciousness
Ain't talkin' bout the currency we left wit
We should be dealin' the cards
not be dealt them.
The game itself
we shouldn't even mess wit
Trap or die
Its a trap tho ain't it?
You was feelin alive
when the money was the basis
The picture that you thought was bigger
flossin' on the finest women
LV printed tented's
guess ya swagger's on a MILLION
Little do dey know
that you forfeit ya soul to get it
Funny the spirit you gave it to
ain't even finished
Aww man, aww dog good writtens
This ain't no Versace flow
this that heavenly body spiritually aware
Peace wit self
yeaa you can call me Gandhi flow
I'm just tryna go past my own existence
Meditate on that
If you feelin the same this instance.

Bruce Stevens:

Im Leonardo Da vinci,
Michelangelo paintin the hand of God
til u feel me
da real me
Not syndicated
you kill me wit these scripts
Modern day slaves
all thas missin is whips
Paradise aura
Tree of life on my arm
Just a branch of my sura
Caricature of Nature
thas how im drawn up
Not Sketchy
Blade is Sharp
& it's deadly
Battle Dragons
wit features of a serpent
Im certain
This a get messy
Ain't no time
Is you ready
The things we touch
have no permanence
Is all an illusion
Games of confusion
Mysteries, centuries
Industries, prophecies
Meant to be?
Could it be?
Literally supercede seats
of the little leagues
graduated meditated
to my inner peace...

Let it breathe

Yea, a man's primary need is to let go
Only then can he possess
what is truly special
Quit linkin me to the ghetto
Don't dwell on no lower level
More precious than metals
They fightin over yo fellow man
known ta nut up on tracks
& sure to come again..
Track Name: Ethan Michael & Bruce Stevens - Tell me where we @
Ethan Michael:

Stuck in a land where evil prevails
where is harder envision heaven
when seein' through hell
When your efforts of livin' better
repeatedly fail
And you stressin
in a depression
and people can't tell
These are the years of the cold days
Just a bunch of brothas
tryna do they own thang
What's the meaning,
what's the purpose
When is gone change?
You can look into my eye's
and see yo pain..
Needless to say that it's a cold game
I tried to jot it
but my pen wouldn't write it
I don't talk that non-sense
Cuz I don't know nothing about it
I'm a certified writer
Dream to inspire
Put my knees on the ground
bow my head to the sire
It's the way
And don't ever let em confuse you
don't let the television fool you
Through ignorance they rule you
It's like a Voodoo
controlin' everything that you do
Please pay attention
Just don't let me lose you na listen..


Tell me where we @ in the stream of time
You can see it in our eye's everybody's tired
We waitin for a better day
and yes we see the signs
They all around us
if we learn to read between the lines
So tell me where we @ in the stream of time
Cuz everybody sick and tired
Everybody dyin'
& still we wait for better days
and yes we see the signs
but really the bigger question is who will survive?
Who will survive?

Bruce Stevens

Uh, I live in a place
where they spit & disgrace
Sin & debate
Then worship sin & decay
to sit on top of this world
just like Brandy & Mase
Get em a taste
Nah they just live for the day
I guess they live it up
Only live for yourself
Can't live enough
Everything you envisioned
Give it UP
Listen up
This is how they imprison us
Study secrets of "visitors"
Pass it to they listeners
& this is us
I just gotta be fly
a couple times for I die
Flew to the city
With the green in my eye
A sign of the times
My desire for the fire
My brotha from anotha
ridin' shot by my side
Promised to each other
that we'd slide
before that tide
could get too high
& then we forced to live inside a lie
The end is really near
You can feel it,
so can I
So tell me where we @ here
in the stream of time


Tell me where we @ in the stream of time
You can see it in our eye's everybody's tired
We waitin for a better day
and yes we see the signs
They all around us
if we learn to read between the lines
So tell me where we @ in the stream of time
Cuz everybody sick and tired
Everybody dyin'
& still we wait for better days
and yes we see the signs
but really the bigger question is who will survive
Who will survive?