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The Progression

by Tree of Lyfe

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Believe it or not this collection of work is only a fraction of the material recorded over the past year while learning how to record, produce, and edit records to elaborate on the art I create visually. Since 24 is the age I actually decided to focus on writing and recording songs, there are 24 tracks on The Progression due to the importance of that decision in my life. All of the material presented was recorded during a process of learning the mechanics of music as well as my progression as a man as far as my direction and purpose . . . I hope you can all appreciate the growth.


released June 21, 2010

1. The Progression (Produced by J.Cole)
2. Can we kick it (Produced by Ethan Michael)
3. A Million Miles Away (Produced by J.Ralph) Mixed by Ore
4. So Amazing (Produced by Phazzeone & B.Stevens)
5. They Say (Produced by Kanye West)
6. I am Not Afraid - Jill Scott ft B.Stevens
7. Ya'll Just Talking (Produced by Naeh One)
8. La La La
9. When The Money Comes /rap skit - featuring Jae West
10. Move (Produced by Phazzeone & B.Stevens)
11. It's My Home (Produced by Naeh One)
12. Go (Produced by Kanye West)
13. Move Sumthin'
14. Life Is A Struggle
15. Addiction (Produced by Ryan Leslie)
16. Get It In (Featuring Ore)
17. More Food (For Thought) - Produced by Kanye West
18. Jesus Walks (Produced by Kanye West)
19. Rap MusicK (Produced by Kanye West)
20. I Did It Before (Produced by Kanye West)
21. Royal Flush
22. No Escaping Us
23. Life Is Deep (Produced by Kanye West)
24. Faith (Original song by Loreena McKennitt)
25. The Ghost of Christopher Wallace

All tracks Mastered by Greg Beaton at Tangelo Grove




Tree of Lyfe Los Angeles, California

Tree of Lyfe, an introspective poet from a lost tribe, draws inspiration from the music he creates. Attracted to music & art at an early age, he developed a style inspired by anime. Visualizing life as a storyboard, he combines hip-hop soul with his art through a collective abbreviated "BSD" (Brilliance Stays Driven). BSD was created to merge every aspect of his creativity into one outlet. ... more

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Track Name: aYe Hold Up
aYe hold up . . WAIT, aye hold up, wait, . .
yO what am I waitin' on,
time neva gave me a break,
I learn from EvRy mistake & tha future neVa been late
soO im'a be on my wAy but U can move atcha pace...
NAH tell me yall catchin' On, i'll c u lata today. NO??
I pre-sume as I waltz in tha Room
Somethin’ ain’t lookin’ right,
& I trippin’ off shrooms WHOM
U eva u thought oFm could be dis caught UP?
Yea im driven im steerin’ baby, this is NOT a TOSS UP
I Love women Like Men ShoULd
Harbored RE SenT MENT til I shook it OFF em, AWESOME
Dey say he REAL
Wit THA - Eye of a EAGLE
I hate to mention but dey love to listen when I talk sLiCk
Like a-bottle of chAp-stick collapsed on my lips!
MISS, pardon my Lyric
Im jus glad u exis
Lez explore dat beautiful mind
I’ll get back to dem hips LatA
I wouldn’ play ya
ain’t in my nA-ture
Iz jus places I wanna Go
N Im tryna take ya
But uh jus pay ya way
Since Im short on paper
Im playin’ look at dat face
It ain’t even change up
I think im feelin’ you more
Baby got me in awe
U kno I gotchu for sure
Lez take a walk by tha shore
Conversate bout our day
n maybe set up some more.
Hold up (hold up)
Lil mama hold up (hold UP)
Track Name: Rap MuSiCk
I don’t make music for the money (or)
simply cuz im hungry
they love me livin’ bummy
wiTout Nuttin’ in My Tummy
Don’t do this so u love me,
To attract tha baddest hunnies
Or ta prove ta yall I’m smarta
Den ur average rappin’ dummies
Man this Flow of minez like water
Since iz cold I kNO is Harda
Den a fight wit Peter Parka
Or tha battle our Fatha
U call it June Gloom
I jus say iz getting’ darka
Believe it, den I breathe it
Tho I struggle evenin’
Just to wake uP wit a REASON (uh)
A True Purpose or A MEANIN’uhh – (pause)
sure u KNo da FeeLin’ (pause)
Im sickly wit dis pen
Yet my Life in need of HeALin’
Our lives is bred to Follow
Dey made Twitter for a Reason
Satan & his Demons
Or Jehovah God & Jesus
Wit all of tha in betweenin’
Man our vision ain’t the keenest
livin’ ain’t da Cleanest
Careful where u put cha Penis
Dez Vagina’s iz decievin’ uh huh haha (That ain’t funny doe)
this Life is Very Real
Lemme Chill on all dis Dreamin’
Stay on top of my goals
Don’t misconstrue da meanin’
Don’t see nO martin’ Luther’s
So don’t tell me who tha King Is
Aye ya music sound translucent
Tell me you can’t see this??!

AYE this DAT RAP MUSIC (Rap Music)
We don’t mess wit dat WACK MUSIC

U hear dat?

We don’t mess wit Dat WACK MUSIC

Dis for the people who aLL ALONE
In a place, but can’t call it HOME
Life didn’t treat em Right,
So in turn dey jus Live it WRONG
In love wit this Music Biz
But can’t Find em A decent SOnG
Viv-id wit wat I write
N Deliver it Like a POEM
At times when no One AROUND
I Jus speak to this MICROPHONE
The truth really hurts
So my verses ALL stand ALONE
Got my ear near the ground
But dat won’t be where iz found at!
The Flow is very DEEP
Dat won’t be where I DROWN AT!
I - started wit Clothes
De-veloped a fLow TO
Speak to my fOlks WHO, (uh) Live on tha Globe
Ta De-Liv-er em hope help em to COPE for a minute oR sO
N (uh) provide an escape from this Rig a Ma ROLL
Goin to work n Slavin’ fa DOE
So I spit it for free it nurtures my SOUL (yea)
heighten’s my spirit so NOW dat CHU KNOW
Im Back to this RAP my temple’s in tact
This is class-ic MATERIAL
Pass Im-perial category ain’t general
Can’t be copied or stenciled THRU
& I’m sketchin’ VISUALS
Illustratin’ my principles
Plus im Ova the rituals
They performin’ n Videos

(U hear dat?)
Track Name: B.Electdramica ft P. Diddly - The Ghost of Christopher Wallace
im feelin' like my X who was viscious like Ivy
At timez im so confused i gotta check my own I.D.
Breathe in a dead world, words StiLL Live-ly/
Watchin' at all times, Can't a Thang Slide bY me, unless i'm still Ly-ing,
I’m siCk wit tha tim-ing, iLL wit tha Rhy-ming, uh huh,
precious like Gold Shine like Diamonds/Won't stop diggin' & I, wOn't stop Climbing,
wit a permanent hard hat, yet I'm nOt mining
I could provide U pleasure have u drippin’ near ya hymen
But why would I slide in when that feelin’ tend ta blind us?
Got dat classic talent like a young Frank Lymon
Times it make me wonder if I’ll end up dy-in from bein too dope
In a Land Can’t COPE
Flow Clean No Soap,
no deal No hope?
Backbone no go, rap game so so
Ion play Games No MO!
We Ain’t the same HoMO
You packaged sweet Fructose
Rep a street I don’t
Rather think, YOU won’t ..
Whateva floats ya boat . . . baby
I speak elegant, mindframe threatenin’ those
Who’s irrelevant thoughts seem to settle in
Knee Deep in Escrement,
too weak to resurrect.
No love for government
when they show some love for US?
Tell us dat dey trust in God
But we know that Is mOre den One
Actions show is not tha one
Thru love dat sent his Only Son
& if it was this wouldn’t be the country that we’ve become

Watch while they assassinate
wait to hear the cover up
nah tell me dat im trippin’
What im spittin’ is FICTION
iz CONt-ra-dictin’
bye baby good writ-Tens

Nah I ain’t wastin’ a SENTENCE
Cherish eV-er-Y MINUTE im Given
UntiL iz FINISHED & I kno dat u feel it
Darkness won’t prevail over light
It was written!
Ain’t up to A man to direct his step wit opinion
Everything we use upon this Planet
We wuz given
plus the life U Livin’
Yet u sell it to the wicked for a chance to get attention
Life is Now a Business
Deceptive iz your image
You are NOW a Gimmick
Give ya props ta Pac but yo your message very different
How you an artist, like ya poetry is splendid
dollars losin’ value yet u dummies steady spendin’ uh
People hungry don’t chu get it
I say this out of love because thas all that Jah has GIVEN uhh
None of yall my enemy
I’m speakin’ on the entity das guidin’ yall religiously
Bribin’ yall wit silly things continuing his murder spree
Quick we need some surgery
So obsessed wit burgundy
end is near, thas certainly
All I hear is tragedy, hatred calamity
open discussion so feel free to come get back at me
The Ghost of NO one and I got the plan to be
This from the man in me im speakin’ to my family
hope u undastandin’ we livin’ in insanity
felt like da last dragon but den left behind my vanity
Neva had a idol since my interest lies in greater things
Like who created human beins whus the point of eulogies
Life was cool at 2 or 3, I was stressed by twenty three
Couldn’t change my past so nah Im workin’ on tha future me
I pray u do tha same it ain’t game out here fa you and me
Ain’t nothin’ how it use to be
Concept done grew on me, man these people ain’t foolin’ me.

Oh yea, Mista Officer Mista officer
Why u feel tha need to keep ON stalkin us?
Shoot down the Innocent & chalk em UP
Like, since we wuz brought here, we ain’t LOST ENOUGH
Is seems u’d Ratha beat, iN-stead of Talk to US
Long as we fightin’, then we BOTh caught Up
This Hip-Hop im bangin’ dat
Real talk slangin’ dat
yall jus bein’ used
So it Ain’t you dat I am angry AT
Bigger thangs Iz goin on
yall to stuck to stick to facts
take what u’ve been given
Wit permission den u give it back
Without it, we just don’t react
If it don’t make dat money stack
Say dat fame’s a drug
U get dat buzz n let dem spirits tap
Inside ya soul designer clothes, finer hoes an all of dat
drama grows ya life is known by everybody inta dat
Before u Know the time has gone the former u ain’t comin’ back
keep it I don’t need it Im jus speakin’ to ya thinkin’ caps
reachin’ I ain’t dreamin’ im awake I ain’t appeased wit dat
I know I got my faults and traps
but I ain’t getting’ lost in dat
spit tha truth,
dare u so called TrOOPs to go & do it BACK
No Spirits speakin’ thru me baby
dis is HU-MAN RAP